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At Pearson Chambers Conveyancing, we ease the process of transferring property so that it is affordable and drama-free.

Whether you're buying or selling, it's important to have a skilled and trusted conveyancer on your side. Our team of experts will be there every step of the way to make your property transfer simple, seamless and hassle-free. Gain peace of mind with our team of conveyancing experts - contact us today for a free consultation!


Camelia Arulkadacham

Licensed Conveyancer, Founder of Pearson Chambers Conveyancing, and Member of The Australian Institute of Conveyancers.

With over 17 years of experience in the field of Conveyancing, Camelia Arulkadacham has developed a distinguished expertise in Property and Commercial/Business Law. Her educational journey began with an Advanced Diploma of Business and was further enriched with an Advanced Diploma of Conveyancing from the National Business Institute of Australia.

Camelia is a proud member of The Australian Institute of Conveyancers, showcasing her commitment to upholding the highest standards in the profession and her dedication to continuous learning and excellence.

Her meticulous attention to every transaction ensures a seamless and hassle-free process for all parties involved. With a track record of over 3,750+ successful settlements, Camelia has demonstrated her substantial experience and commitment to excellence in the field.

The establishment of Pearson Chambers marks the culmination of her expertise, creating a client-focused conveyancing firm dedicated to simplifying the complex legal processes involved in property transactions.

Our Solution:
The process of property transactions can often become entangled in legal complexities. At Pearson Chambers, we aim to untangle these intricacies, providing a clear, straightforward path towards successful property transactions. With Camelia leading the team, we offer tailored solutions to meet individual client needs, ensuring every transaction is conducted with precision and professionalism.

Our service doesn’t just stop at meeting legal requirements; we take an extra step to ensure our clients are well-informed and comfortable throughout the conveyancing process. Our approach combines legal knowledge with a client-centric focus, ensuring a smooth transition and satisfactory outcomes in every property transaction.

Our Mission Statement:
At Pearson Chambers, our mission is to provide a seamless and straightforward conveyancing experience. Our focus is on continuous improvement, client satisfaction, and meeting the needs of our clients with each transaction we handle. Led by Camelia Arulkadacham, our firm is committed to delivering high-quality conveyancing services that are tailored to ensure the satisfaction and confidence of our clients.

We believe in fostering enduring relationships with our clients, guiding them through the conveyancing process with clarity and professionalism. Our ultimate aim is to ensure that every client experiences a smooth, understandable, and reliable service, building a legacy of trust and satisfaction in the field of conveyancing.