We take the stress out of conveyancing!

At Pearson Chambers Conveyancing, we bring years of experience to every property transaction, ensuring high-quality conveyancing services in Melbourne. Whether you are buying or selling property, our team of expert conveyancers in Melbourne will guide you through the conveyancing process with professionalism and care.


Receive your contract review within 48 hours

Contract Review for Residential Property & Commercial

Our comprehensive contract review service for those purchasing residential or commercial property in Melbourne guarantees that you receive expert legal advice on your contract of sale.

Peace of Mind for Customers

We prioritise customer peace of mind, ensuring clients feel confident and informed in their property decisions.

Swift and Expert Review

Our experienced team reviews your Contract of Sale within 48 hours, providing timely and expert insights, crucial for any property purchase in Melbourne.

Free Contract Review
Swift and Expert Review
Client Support and Guidance
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First Time Homebuyers with Expert Guidance:

We fully appreciate the thrill and joy of purchasing your first home. It's a landmark moment in your life, filled with anticipation and dreams for the future.

Pre Purchase Contract Review

Before you commit, our experienced conveyancers meticulously examine the contract to:

Ensure all documents are in order.
Advise on essential conditions to safeguard your interests.

Expert Transaction Management:

We leverage our extensive knowledge and expertise to:
Conduct thorough enquiries, confirming the property meets all expectations.
Handle all aspects of the transaction process, focusing on your peace of mind.

Seamless Settlement Process:

Utilising PEXA workspace, we ensure a smooth, efficient settlement.


Your Guided Pathway to Property Ownership

Ease of Process:

We simplify the intimidating process of buying or selling property in Melbourne, offering step-by-step guidance and comprehensive contract reviews, including a detailed examination of Section 32.

Step-by-Step Guidance:

Explaining each step of the conveyancing process in detail to address any questions or concerns you have along the way.

Comprehensive Contract Review:

Reviewing your contract of sale meticulously to ensure you understand the Special Conditions and Section 32.

Advisory on Relevant Matters:

We provide advice on matters like building and pest inspections, covenants, easements, and more, ensuring you are fully informed during your property transaction.

Bank Coordination

Our team coordinates with your bank to ensure a smooth property settlement, adhering to schedules and reducing stress.

Client-Centric Approach:

Pride in ensuring every property purchase through us is easy and enjoyable for our clients.

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Expertise at Every Step of Your Property Sale

Initial Contact:

If you are looking to sell your property, please contact us.

Document Preparation:

We will order the necessary certificates from relevant authorities, review any encumbrances or easements affecting your land, and prepare Section 32.

Contract Review:

Post-drafting the Contract of Sale and Section 32, a team member will call you to review the contract and implement any requested changes.

Mortgage Discharge Assistance:

We assist in preparing the Discharge of Mortgage document, facilitating a smooth transition.

Contract Understanding and Distribution:

Ensuring your understanding of the Contract of Sale and all other relevant documentation, then providing the Contract and Section 32 to your Sales Agent.

Smooth Transaction Process:

Our conveyancing team strives to ensure a smooth property selling process, handling each step of the transaction with utmost care and professionalism, epitomizing our pride in delivering exemplary service.

Commercial & Industrial:

Specialised Handling of Commercial & Industrial Conveyances

Complex Nature of Commercial Conveyancing:

We recognise the complex nature of commercial and industrial conveyancing compared to residential, offering specialised services in Melbourne.

Expert Recommendation:

Recommending the enlistment of our office for expert advice and guidance through the difficult legal process of commercial conveyancing.

In-depth Due Diligence:

Our team performs thorough due diligence, ensuring regulatory compliance and providing settlement and deposit guidance.

Regulatory Compliance Assurance:

Offering assistance with searches, ensuring transactions meet local regulations, and advising on any potential issues that may arise.

Settlement and Deposit Guidance:

Providing help in determining an appropriate settlement date and deposit amount for the commercial or industrial property purchase.

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