Survivorship Application

Survivorship Application

When a loved one passes away, the emotional toll is often compounded by the administrative and legal responsibilities that fall to the survivors. Among these responsibilities is the management of the deceased's property, especially when it is co-owned. In Victoria, the process of transferring property ownership when one of the joint proprietors dies is both specific and straightforward, thanks to the principles of joint proprietorship and the facilities provided by the Land Titles Office Victoria.

Understanding Joint Proprietorship

Joint proprietorship is a form of property ownership where two or more individuals hold title to a property together. A key feature of this arrangement is the right of survivorship. This means that upon the death of one owner, their share in the property automatically transfers to the surviving owner(s). While this simplifies the process of transferring ownership, there are still legal steps that must be taken to update the official records.

The Role of the Application by Surviving Proprietor (ASP)

The Application by Surviving Proprietor (ASP) is the formal process required to amend the names on the Certificate of Title, reflecting the change in ownership following a proprietor’s death. This procedure is essential for ensuring that the property records accurately represent the current ownership status.

Lodging an ASP in Victoria

To lodge an ASP, the surviving proprietor(s) must engage with the electronic conveyancing system known as PEXA (Property Exchange Australia). This digital platform streamlines the process, making it more efficient and less prone to errors than traditional paper-based methods.

Required Documents

To successfully lodge an ASP, you will need:

  • The death certificate of the deceased proprietor, to prove the occurrence and legality of the death.
  • The original Certificate of Title of the property, to confirm the details of ownership that need updating.

Furthermore, if there is a mortgage registered against the property, the mortgagee’s consent is necessary for the ASP to be lodged. Fortunately, this too can be facilitated online via PEXA, simplifying the coordination with financial institutions.

Seeking Professional Assistance

While the process may seem straightforward, navigating the legal and administrative aspects of transferring property ownership can be daunting, especially during a time of grief. Professional conveyancing services can provide invaluable support, guiding you through each step and liaising with mortgagees and other parties on your behalf.

Pearson Chambers Conveyancing: Here to Help

At Pearson Chambers Conveyancing, we understand the challenges faced by surviving proprietors during this difficult time. Our team is dedicated to providing clear, compassionate, and efficient conveyancing services to ensure the smooth transfer of property ownership. Whether you need assistance lodging an ASP, liaising with your mortgagee, or simply require advice on the process, we are here to help.

For professional support and guidance, contact Pearson Chambers Conveyancing at 03 9969 2405, email us at, or visit our website at Let us take the administrative burden off your shoulders, allowing you to focus on what truly matters during this period of transition.