Unlocking Property Secrets: A Comprehensive Guide to Title Searches in Australia

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Discovering Property Ownership Through Title Searches

Embarking on the quest to discover the owner of a specific parcel of land begins with a delve into the government's property records. At Pearson Chambers, we simplify this exploration by guiding you through the diverse spectrum of property searches, among which the title search emerges as the cornerstone, revealing core information about a property.

The Essence of a Title Search

A title search unfurls the curtain to a property's ownership tale, its lot and plan, and any accompanying mortgages or encumbrances such as easements or covenants.

Beyond the Title: Other Property Searches

For a more thorough understanding, other property searches provide a lens into mortgage registrations, detailed easements, covenants, plans, and the property’s historical narrative. Whether you aim to amend the title record, lodge a caveat, or secure a mortgage on a property, our adept property lawyers at Pearson Chambers are at your service.

The Path to Conducting a Title Search

Who Can Perform a Title Search?

Title searches are within reach for anyone authorised to access the Government property records. Platforms like GlobalX or Infotrack can fetch the needed details. Typically, your lawyer or conveyancer, endowed with access to these platforms, can carry out searches on your behalf. Property investors and real estate agents keen on historical sales data might find CoreLogic a valuable resource.

The Custodians of Property Records

The Land Titles Office in each state or territory of Australia holds the mantle of preserving property records. These records are open to public scrutiny, albeit for a fee.

Your Blueprint for a Title Search

Preparing for a Title Search

Kickstarting a title search requires either the property’s address or the title or plan details. Online portals through government sites or authorised information brokers are your go-to channels.

Your Options for Search Providers

Your choices range from a state-based system to searching platforms like Inforack, Dye and Durham, Confirm, Landchecker, or PSI Global. Each comes with its unique offerings and pricing structures, catering to different needs.

How Pearson Chambers Elevates Your Title Search Experience

At Pearson Chambers, we excel in property searches and amending title records. Whether you’re in pursuit of current or historical property information, or need to amend your property title records, we are here to assist. Encumbrances like mortgages or caveats? We have you covered. Reach out to our seasoned property lawyers today for personalized assistance.

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