What Is A Section 32?

What Is A Section 32

What is a Section 32?

The Section 32, a crucial legal document in the sale of land, is an integral part of property transactions. Also known as the Vendor's Statement, the term 'Section 32' originates from the Sale of Land Act. This section plays a pivotal role by providing detailed information that may significantly affect the land's value and the decision of the purchaser.

Under Section 32 of the Sale of Land Act, vendors are legally obligated to provide this statement to the purchaser before the signing of the contract. It includes critical matters and attaches relevant documents, ensuring the sale is transparent and legally compliant. The significance of this section lies in its ability to provide comprehensive information regarding the property and the land sold.

Prospective purchasers, during the sale campaign, are typically provided with the Section 32. This document aids them in performing their due diligence, allowing them to make an informed decision about the land. It's imperative for purchasers to thoroughly understand the details in the Section 32, as it affects their perception of the property's legal standing and value.

Content Requirements for the Section 32

The Sale of Land Act specifies in subsections 32A–32I what must be included in the Section 32. This includes a wide array of information, ensuring purchasers receive a full understanding of the property. Essential contents include:

  • A detailed Register Search Statement, confirming title details and other legal annotations on the land.
  • The Plan of Subdivision, clarifying land boundaries and any affecting easements.
  • Confirmation of essential services connected to the land, like water and electricity.
  • A planning statement from responsible authorities, indicating the planning zone and overlays.
  • Certificates from various authorities, including local Council and Water Authority, which may reveal crucial information impacting the land.
  • Building permits or similar documents under the Building Act 1993 (VIC).

The Role of Legal Professionals in Preparing Section 32

Preparing a Section 32 is a task typically undertaken by a vendor's legal representative, such as a conveyancer or solicitor. This professional gathers the necessary certificates and compiles a Section 32 that is comprehensive and compliant. If a vendor or their representative fails to disclose required information or provides misleading details in the Section 32, it may be deemed defective. This can lead to serious consequences for the vendor, such as financial penalties, legal action, or loss of the property sale.

Pearson Chambers Conveyancing exemplifies the rigorous process needed to prepare a legally compliant Section 32, highlighting their commitment to accuracy and thoroughness.

Implications of a Non-Compliant Section 32

Should a vendor fail to provide a compliant Section 32, or if it contains misleading information, the consequences can be significant. The purchaser might have the right to rescind the contract and seek compensation, thus affecting the sale process. This underscores the importance of providing a precise and comprehensive Section 32 to avoid potential legal complications.

Guidance for Prospective Purchasers Regarding Section 32

For a prospective purchaser, scrutinising the Section 32 with a legal representative is critical. They should seek advice on any issues that may affect the property's value and identify potential hidden problems. Inspecting the land being sold is also advisable to provide context to the information detailed in the Section 32.

Where to Next?

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