Conveyancing Fees

At Pearson Chambers Conveyancing, renowned for our cheap conveyancing Melbourne services, we assist you in navigating these fees and strive to minimise their effect on your budget, ensuring you have ample funds remaining to settle comfortably.

Our costs fall into two categories:

Fixed Fee Conveyancing Docklands, Melbourne & Surrounding Suburbs.
Professional legal fees associated with a standard matter

& Disbursements (in addition to Professional Fees).

Professional Fees: $780+GST


Property Search

Ensuring Clarity, Avoiding Surprises

  • Correctly Adjust Outgoings
  • Insure no outstanding issues
  • Protect Your Investment
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Sundry Expense

Miscellaneous Costs for Comprehensive Service

  • Covers Unforeseen Expenditures
  • Encompasses Administrative and Ancillary Costs
  • Research and External Consultations
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Owners Corp

(If needed, per certificate)

  • Common Property Management
  • Insurance
  • Financial Management
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